West Elm workspace Install PT.1 (Tape Mural)

I was wandering around Norfolk on a sunny day in September and noticed someone taking a picture of a Mid-Century Modern styled chair in front of another mural in the NEON district in Norfolk. Curious, and in love with Mid-century styled furniture, I went over to say hi and ask what was going on. Luckily I met someone who worked for West Elm and a relationship was born. 

I had only done one other tape mural up to this point, but I knew that given the opportunity I would definitely leap upon the chance to create another. It took me 8 hours to install, and two days including the rest of the installation. I also wanted to use a different tape for the install because I was worried about the wall differences compared to my first mural. After each installation I also have a deinstallation where I have decided to save the tape in a ball shape. One day I hope to have a show where a bunch of tape balls are on platforms with photographs of their respective murals in the behind. The idea behind each tape mural is the idea of the hyper temporary. It can only live on in photos.