Undergrad: Final Semester Spring 2013

For my final semester I was still very much experimental. I was playing with layers and drips. I also experimented with screen printing and did multiple lays on top of tissue paper to get an interesting texture in some of my paintings. The first has this effect within the black scribbled triangles. I was also obsessed with neon and went through probably fifteen tubes of neon paint throughout the semester. 


Keith. 36"x48"

Acrylic, Screen Printing, Tissue Paper, Ink on Canvas. 


City Slickers 48"x96"

Acrylic on White Board.


City Streets 36"x48"

Acrylic on Canvas.

Untitled 48"x48"

Acrylic, Screen Printing on White Board.


Untitiled 36"x48"

Acrylic, Screen Printing on White Board.