Tape Mural 1: Peninsula Fine Arts Center, July 2014-October 2014

After exploring California and seeing massive wall murals all around L.A. I was inspired to make my own. I had an unique conversation with someone from the community about the lifespan of a mural. I think as a muralist you have to be okay with your mural eventually going away or being painted over to make way for the next generation of muralists. It is the life cycle of a mural. Exposed to the elements, murals rarely last more than twenty years in the best of conditions. By that point they either need maintenance to return them to their prior beauty, or a replacement needs to be decided upon. A known fact among the muralist community, murals are temporary. 

I really enjoyed the idea of a mural being temporary and questioned how a mural could be hyper-temporary. I knew I wanted a removable medium, and I also knew that I wanted it to be interactive on some level. This gave me the idea of a mural made of tape and would be removed once a show was to hit its end. Therefore it would only live on in people's pictures. 

I had, up to this point in time, never done anything in this scale before. It was a two full day install taking over 22 hours from start to finish. I started with basic shapes and then slowly filled in a reaction of shape and color. Each decision was made to move the eye from one edge to another and back once more. I decided to go onto the floor so that people could stand within the mural and let it consume them just as it had consumed me during the installation process.