Paintings 2014

There is some sort of recreation that happens once you get to make what you want to make without a grade attached to it. While I was in California, I spent most of my time working and traveling, but when I returned to Virginia, art was one of the only things I felt that made sense. I began experimenting with new mediums, like spray paint, and pouring paint. Layers and colors and no limitations. I also had dug up my biology book from college and did a lot of research into bacteria and bacterial formations. I think unconsciously this had an effect on my work in 2014, and still appears from time to time in current work.

Most of this work appeared at The Peninsula Fine Arts Center, in a show entitled: Next. Virginia's Emerging Artists. This work was coupled with my very first tape mural and acted as a sort of jumping off point for my future as an artist. I sold almost my entire show which was an unreal feeling, and the first time I really felt like being an artist as a career may in fact be a reasonable goal.